At Delhi Public School, Barra, Education for Life, Excellence in Education and Commitment to a meaningful Education are of prime importance.

The School academic session commences at the beginning of March and finishes in the first week of December with a brief two week Summer Break in the last week of July / First week of August. The long vacation extends from the first week of December until beginning of March. In view of the three month winter break, very few public holidays are observed during the session , Besides the regular subjects pertaining to the CBSE syllabus which include English, Mathematics, Science, Hindi , Social Science, Sanskrit and Punjabi ,the School provides Computer Education, Art & Craft, Dance and Music. Computer Education is introduced at the level of Kindergarten, thus enabling the young students  to quickly and with ease become acquainted with the concept. This allows for an easy transition into the more advanced stages of computer science. German and French have also been introduced to the course of optional studies.


School’s academic enterprise is organized into 6 schools and colleges.

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DPS Barra focuses incepting new ways of using technologies to enrich the educational experience and expand opportunities for learners worldwide.

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