Assemblies & Activities

A well planned School Assembly is an important aspect of a school curriculum. It helps to develop a positive school ethos. Special Assemblies therefore act as a medium for effective communication and help in covering topics of significance. They also provide a platform to students to stand before the whole school and showcase their individual potential At , Kanpur, special assemblies hold great value. Regular Special Assemblies are conducted to celebrate festivals and other topics of relevance and importance. This also provide students a chance to build up their confidence level and bring about an improvement in their knowledge and awareness of current events etc.




                                                                              Independence Day Celebrations







                                                                                Sun & Snow Seasons Activity


                                                                         Fun & Frolic Circle Time Moring Fun


                                                                                              Beach Party



                                                                                   Medical Camp 2016-2017

The Annual Medical camp was organised at from 2 May'16. The Student of all classes attended the camp for eye, dental and genral Check up and Health Care.
The team eminent doctor led by Dr. Ajay Khanna conducted the health examination.


                                                                                Red, Blue & Yellow Colour Day



                                                                                                                                   Labour's Day may 1

Labours day is celebrated on may 1st all over the world. This daywas also celebrated in with the eggorts put in by  teacher.




Pool Activities
To Beat the Summer Heat, splash pool activity is conducted every Thursday in school children enjoy the cool water in splash pool in their vibrant swimming costumes. It is always a pleasene to see children jump and play in water with their friends and toys.


                                                                                                                                    Earth Day April 22

Mother Earth has given us a lot and its our duty to take good care of her.D.P.S , Barra celebrated Earth Day to bring about consciousness in the young minds and motivate them to make others also aware of the need of the hour. To celebrate this occasion a Special Assembly was conducted by class V-B  and A Poster Making Competition was conduced in the middle school on the same theme . RuchirTripathi(V-A)  Saiyogita Mishra (V-B), Sanskar (VI), PriyanshiSrivastva (VII- B) were judged the best in the irrespective classes The message was quite clear “SAVE EARTH BEFORE ITS TOO LATE”



                                                                                             School Tour



                                                                                          Friday Activities


                                                                                                                                  Mother's Day May 9 

Delhi public school, Barra  celebrated Mother’s day on May 13, 2017. The School invited Some Mothers of students from Play Group to class IV.The enthvsiastic mothers participated is the competitions and surprised all with the confident of their talent . The non fire cooking competition was opprocited.The Winners were given a small hopes of  opprocitation.