School Evaluation System

Continuous and comprehensive evaluation is done by the teachers, Class Teacher’s keep up-to-date records of all students. Quarterly reports reflect the average score.

Tests for Classes I to XII are held as per the schedule given in the Almanac

  A+ Outstanding 91% and above 91% and above 91% and above
  A Excellent 85%-90.9% 80%-89.9% 80%-89.9%
  B +Very Good 75%-84.9% 70%-79.9% 70%-79.9%
  B Good 60%-74.9% 60%-69.9% 60%-69.9%
  C Average 50%-59.9% 50%-59.9% 50%-59.9%
  D Fair 40%-49.9% 40%-49.9% 40%-49.9%
  E Needs Improvement Below 39% Below 39% Below 39%

Schedule of Reports

Class I-III Class IV-VIII Class IX-XII
  Unit I- September Unit I- September Unit I – September
  Unit II-October Half Yearly – October SAI (IX/X) October , (XI/XII) October
  Unit III-February Unit II-February Unit II- January (IX, XI)
  Unit IV-March Finals- March Finals March

Report Cards of the Below Average Performers will be retained in the Office. Parents are requested to come and discuss the report with the Principal within a week of the distribution of reports failing which the child will not be allowed to attend school

Promotion is granted on the basis of the whole year’s performance of the pupil. Therefore regularity in attendance and work is of prime importance.

The following rules (for Classes I-VIII) will be adhered to at the time of promotion at the end of the academic year

25% of the Units
25% of the Half Yearly Exams
50% of the Annual Exams