Code of Conduct

The code of Conduct states that we will respect property and, personal rights, co-operate with and support each other and take responsibility for a safe environment. The teacher's right to teach and a student's right to learn cannot be disturbed by the actions of others. Delhi Public School, Azaad Nagar/ Servodaya Nagar, Kanpur is committed to develop positive inter-personal relationships between members of the school community. Bullying and harassment at school, along with other disruptive activities, are unacceptable behaviours and will be dealt with accordingly.

The following practices will lead to strict disciplinary action.

Disfiguring or damaging school property.

Bunking classes and weekly tests.

Bunking School.

Sloganeering and signature campaigns.

Bringing a cell phone to school.

Use of violence in any form.

Scribbling or writing anything on the shirts or uniform.

Using abusive languages.

Not wearing the proper school uniform, (winter or summer uniform) during the term, as specified in the School Almanac.

Bringing, wearing, buying, selling or possessing any kind of garment or apparel with slogans written on them.

Damaging, scribbling or tearing pages from library books, Texts or Exercise books.

Bringing sharp and injury causing articles such as knives etc.

Bringing books, CDs etc. not relevant to their course work.

Bringing costly articles (like expensive watches, cameras, fountain pens, iPods).

Bullying or using any form of violence against a fellow students.

Smoking, gambling, drinking or using drugs.

Bursting crackers or throwing colour on one another within or near the school premises.

Bringing more than Rs. 30/- for canteen purposes.

Entering school without uniform even after school hours. Bringing civil clothes to school any point of time unless prior permission has been granted by a teacher.

Late arrival in classes.

Late arrival in school.

Misconduct, indiscipline and misbehaviour in school transport.

Not wearing the identity card.