Outdoor Games Indoor Games
Volley Ball
Basket Ball
Lawn Tennis
Throw Ball

Table Tennis
Ludo Game
Shooting Range


Basket Ball: One Cemented Court (28x15 Mtrs. each) with fibre glass board
Lawn Tennis: One Clay Court (23.77x8.23 Mtrs. each)
Cricket: Two Pitches; One Turf Wicket & one Cement Wicket for net practice.
Foot Ball: One Football ground (100x80 yards.) At a time 125 students can practice.
Volley Ball: One Volley Ball Court (18x9 Mtrs. each)
Hockey Ground: One Hockey ground (60x100 yards. each)
Throw Ball: One Throw Ball Court (18x9 Mtrs. each)
Kho-Kho: One Court (29x16 Mtrs. each)
Skating:  Skating Arena (20x15 Mtrs. each) 
Table Tennis: Two T.T tables
Badminton: Open Mud Court (13.4x6.10 Mtrs. each)
Athletics: A 200 Mtrs track is used for track events as well as field events 
Shooting Range Equipped with 7 pulleys & Guns
Swimming Pool (18x25 Mtrs. each) for Senior Students & Separate Kids Pool
Gymnasium Fully Equipped with Latest Machines for whole body exercise.


DPS Barra recognizes the importance of sports in the over all development of students hence special emphasis is laid on physical education and on building the sporting abilities of children. The school is equipped with infra structure for indoor and outdoor games. The huge ground area becomes the hub of activity each morning as a special class is conducted to trained students in games like Cricket, Football, Basket ball, Volley Ball, Badminton. Indoor games like Table Tennis, Chess & Carrom are also given equal attention. A team of trained instructors and coaches train students and guide them towards achievements.

Horse Riding, Archery, Adventure sports and Rope Climbing are also taken up in school.  Care is taken to ensure that children learn the finer points of the game so that they able to participate in various Inter School and Inter DPS Events and win laurels for the school.