Rules & Regulations

Delhi Public School
Delhi Public School

Rules & Regulations

Code of Conduct

  • The programming and philosophy of education at DPS is to lay a great deal of stress on games and sports, excursion and other co-curricular activities and the parents agree to fully co-operate with the school in this regard.
  • The parents will hold the institution indemnified against all claims arising through illness and accident.
  • In case of late deposition of the Quarterly Fee, a fine of Rs. 100/- will be charged for the 1st week and Rs. 200/- will be charged thereafter per week.
  • If the school fee of any student is two quarters in arrears, his/her name will be struck off the school register at the end of the relevant quarter.
  • Students with outstanding fees will not be permitted to appear for the test/final examination.
  • No interest is payable on caution money.
  • The school will not be held responsible for any lapses in the bus services and in case of any discrepancy, the parents may meet the bus contractor.
  • Repeated absence without leave or unexplained absence from the school renders the student liable to have his/her name struck off the rolls. Re-admission may be granted only on payment of a fresh admission fee and solely at the discretion of the Principal.
  • Transfer certificates are not issued until all the dues of the school are cleared.
  • It is compulsory for the students to have at least 75% attendance in the academic session so as to make them eligible to sit for the final examination.
  • Students are required to seek written permission for leave prior to the commencement of the leave and should not take more than 2 (two) consecutive leaves on working days.
  • Students, when sick, should not be sent to school to attend classes, weekly tests or exams and are required to submit an attested medical certificate from their doctor on re-joining school for follow up by the school infirmary.
  • Students suffering from communicable diseases must observe the prescribed period of quarantine before returning to class and should also produce a doctor’s certificate permitting them to do so.
  • Half day / short leaves will not be granted on the weekly test days.
  • Leave for half day should be avoided as far as possible for security reasons. However, in case of an emergency, written permission must be taken from the Principal/Headmistress and the Class Teacher and the bus in-charge should be informed. Further, the guardian should obtain a gate pass from the reception and get it signed from the class teacher, bus / supervision teacher and the Principal and then present it to the guard at the time of leaving.
  • Parents, whose wards have been absent on previous days, are required to send a letter to the Class Teacher stating the reasons for their absence.
  • A student must make up for all the work missed by him/her in case of absenteeism from the school.
  • No retests will be conducted for a child who has missed a test.
  • Students who require medical attention during school hours can visit the school infirmary after taking written permission from the class teacher.
  • Students should always reach school on time and necessary disciplinary action will be taken on late arrival to school.
  • The school planner has been put in the almanac for the convenience of the students and to help them plan their functions/holidays. However, in case of unavoidable circumstances, the special assemblies/weekly tests/internal events/functions are subject to shift/change at a day’s notice at the discretion of the Principal.
  • The Student must carry his/her almanac and ID card to school every day. They should have his/her complete identity information as well as their photograph and should be signed by the parents.
  • Loss of ID card should be reported immediately to the school for security reasons.
  • For security reasons, the school authorities/Class Teacher should be immediately informed in case of any change in address or telephone numbers.
  • Students who come to school with caregivers are not allowed to leave before he/she arrives and in case of any delay, they should immediately report to the school reception. Those students who go on their own should be prompt in returning straight home.
  • Students, under any circumstances, should not drive to school and strict action will be taken against those violating this rule.
  • Students are solely responsible for their own belongings and should not bring expensive articles to school.
  • Parents can meet the Principal/ Headmistress on any working day between 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM by prior appointment.
  • Under any circumstances, parents and guardians are not allowed to visit their wards or teachers in the classrooms without the prior permission of the Principal.
  • The parents are required to attend the P.T.A. on a regular basis and the Class Teacher should be informed about any absenteeism prior to the meeting. A respectable code of Conduct must be maintained and punctuality should be observed at such meetings.
  • Students should get their Report Cards signed by their Parents / Guardians within three days of the receipt of the Report Cards and return them to the class teachers. Parents are also requested to keep in regular touch with the school regarding their ward’s progress.
  • A child using unfair means in any test / exam / event /competition shall be awarded a zero.
  • A new Report Card will be issued on a payment of Rs. 100/-.
  • Students should be encouraged to take interest in studies as well as in co-curricular activities and sports to facilitate holistic development of the child.
  • Parents are strongly recommended to always write to the school about the problems of their ward or for seeking guidance. In case of parents wanting a discussion with more than one teacher, a meeting will be arranged with the concerned teachers.
  • Parents are advised to check the haircut, uniform and punctuality of their wards in the morning.
  • Parents should check their ward’s almanac daily and should ensure that their ward carries books / exercise books according to the time table for that day.
  • Students should be polite wherever they go and should always remember that the school is judged by their conduct. They should greet their teachers when they meet them and should observe compassionate behaviour towards all the support staff. Any kind of misbehaviour would be severely dealt with.
  • Students should be neatly dressed and are required to wear the school uniform on all working days. Strict action will be taken against students who do not adhere to the uniform norms of the school.
    • Low waist (skirts/ trousers) are not permitted.
    • Short skirts (above the knees) are not permitted.
    • Shirts should be properly tucked in.
    • Spikes/streaks/fancy haircuts are not permitted.
    • Non-Sikh Boys should shave and get their hair cut at regular intervals. Any type of inappropriate hair and beard styling is not permitted.
    • In case henna has to be put on special occasions, it should be confined to palms only.
    • Tattoos & extra piercings are prohibited.
    • Girls should plait their hair if it is below their shoulders whereas short hair should be neatly cut and pinned.
    • Girls are not allowed to wear any jewellery to school besides a pair of earrings or studs.
  • Students are expected to respect the school property and that of others. No student should damage any school furniture, write / draw anything on the walls / furniture of the school or in anyway damage things that belong to others. Damage done, even by accident, should be reported at once to the Class Teacher or the Principal and any damage done will be made good by the one who causes it.
  • Students are prohibited from bringing sharp objects to school.
  • Students are strictly prohibited from bringing crackers, colours, irritant spray, pepper spray, unauthorized person etc. to the school and violations can even lead to expulsion of the guilty students from the school.
  • Students should neither miss any teaching / games / library / activity periods nor should they intentionally disturb / disrupt classes.
  • As DPS provides education from PG – XII, it is expected that the juniors be treated with love and affection by the seniors while the juniors show respect towards their seniors.
    45. Bullying and use of foul language are punishable offences.
  • No eve-teasing / misbehaviour towards girls should take place under any circumstances.
  • Students should never indulge in acts of moral turpitude.
  • Excessive spending in the cafeteria should be strongly discouraged.
  • No student should indulge in any of the following practices:
    • Spitting in or near the school building
    • Disfiguring or otherwise damaging any school property
    • Smoking
    • Any form of gambling
    • Rowdy and rude behaviour
    • Use of violence in any form
    • Casteism, communalism or practice of untouchability
    • Bullying and/or ragging
    • Use of drugs or intoxicants
    • Buying eatables from vendors outside the school premises
    • Any association with banned organizations
  • Students are required to maintain discipline at all times while travelling in the school bus and the bus facility will be withdrawn with immediate effect for those found guilty.
  • Students must not engage in use of abusive language, mental harassment, name calling, cyber bullying, belittling, fighting or engaging themselves in activities that cause embarrassment to their fellow students.
  • Students will be severely penalised in case of disrupting instructions given by the teachers in the classes by way of talking, making noises, laughing or throwing objects.
  • Students should not tamper with any educational material kept in the lab/classroom/activity room.
  • Students will be penalized for writing /scribbling anywhere in the washroom.
  • Display of any kind of closeness with other students by way of walking hand in hand or hugging or putting hand on the shoulders or any part of the body is strictly prohibited.
  • Students should not display objectionable/indecent/obscene gestures towards anyone.
  • Students should not indulge in forgery of any kind.
  • A student who fails twice in the same class will not be permitted to continue his/her studies in the school.
  • The school reserves the right to suspend or to take strict disciplinary action against a student whose diligence or progress in studies is constantly unsatisfactory or whose conduct is harmful to other students.
  • A yellow card will be issued for a period of 3 days (by the ‘Rep’ and signed by the Principal) to the students found guilty of any of the above violations. Moreover, 3 yellow cards will lead to suspension and 3 suspensions will lead to rustication of the student from the school.
  • Students who are found guilty of misconduct or infringement of any of the rules prescribed above shall be liable to fine, suspension, rustication or dismissal from the school.
  • The rules and regulations can be modified or updated anytime without any prior notice.
  • The decisions taken by the Principal in all the matters relating to the school are final and binding.

Registration, Admission & Withdrawal Rules

  • Submission of registration form does not guarantee admission to school.
  • The school, on accepting the registration of a child, is not in any way bound to grant admission to that child as it is purely based on availability of seats. The decision of the Principal regarding admission will be final and binding.
  • Other parameters being equal, preference will be given to those residing in the neighbourhood.
  • The application form must be duly filled and returned at the respective branch within 3 working days from the grant of admission.
  • Admission will become valid only after the complete payment of Admission Fee before the due date as well as on the submission and completion of all the necessary forms, documents and certificates.
  • Original Birth Certificate and Transfer certificate will be required at the time of grant of admission along with two passport size photographs and other mandatory documents as per the respective classes.
  • The amount deposited as Registration Fee and Admission Fee for a particular academic year will neither be refunded nor transferred to any other year. Moreover, fresh registration will be required if a child is to be given admission for a subsequent year.
  • Admission to school will not ensure a seat in the School bus. School bus facility must be availed separately and soon after admission as buses plying on specific routes have limited seats.
  • In case of withdrawal from the school for any reason after admission, only the caution money (if applicable) will be refunded.
  • In case a student seeks withdrawal during an academic year then the student must pay the full Quarterly Fee of the quarter in which the student is withdrawing. In this case as well, the caution money (if applicable) will be refunded at the end of that academic year only.
  • Caution money (if applicable) not claimed up to one year will lapse and will be forfeited.
  • Repeated absence without leave or unexplained absence from the school renders the student liable to have his/her name struck off the rolls. Re-admission may be granted only on payment of a fresh admission fee and is solely at the discretion of the Principal.
  • Transfer of a student from one branch of Delhi Public School to another branch on account of change of residence, parent’s transfer or any other circumstances will not be possible.
  • Transfer certificates will only be issued once all the dues of the school are cleared.
  • No interest is payable on caution money.

Rules regarding Payment of Fees

  • Parents are requested to deposit the fee in Cash/Pay Order only.
  • All school fees must be deposited in the prescribed banks only. School shall not be responsible for any fees given to any person or employee of the school either in cash or otherwise.
  • Irrespective of the date of admission to the school, a student is required to deposit the fees in full of thatentire Academic Session.
  • Kindly pay the fees on or before the prescribed due date to avoid any imposition of fine and re-admission formalities.
  • Quarterly fees is due on the first day of each quarter and must be paid in full upto the prescribed dates given. After the prescribed date, all the defaulters will be required to pay a fine of Rs.100/- for the first week and Rs.200/- per week thereafter. Late submission of fee is only applicable till the 15th day of the next quarter. In case the fee is not paid till the 15th day of the next quarter, the child’s name will be struck off the school register.
Quarter Due date of fee payment
April – June up to 15th April
July – September up to 15th July
October – December up to 15th October
January – March up to 15th January
  • Once the name of the student is struck off the school register, re-admission (with re-payment of full admission fees) may be granted at the discretion of the Principal.
  • If a parent wishes to withdraw their child/children, they must give one month notice in writing in advance, or in lieu of notice, one month fees must be paid.
  • In case a student seeks withdrawal during an academic year, the caution money will only be refunded at the end of the academic year.
  • No reduction or remission of fees shall be claimed on account of holidays, absence through illness or any other reason.
  • In case the Bill Book is lost, a new one can be issued on payment of Rs.100/- from the school office of the respective branch.
  • No interest is payable on the caution money.
  • Caution money not claimed upto one year will lapse and will be forfeited.