Groomed my son and shaped his overall personality...

My son studies in class X. He is very happy with his teachers and loves going to school everyday.
The teachers are very supportive. My son has shown remarkable improvement in his test scores and study habits.
DPS Barra has groomed my son and shaped his overall personality thus making our role as parents easy.
Thank you DPS Barra !

Mr. Pavanjeet Singh Anand F/o Harnishan Singh

Class: X

Brought out the best in my child by tapping into his individual strengths...

I would like to thank the School Management and the teachers for imparting quality education to my ward Gurkirat Singh Chhabra studying in Class X.
DPS Barra has well educated and professional teachers who are unique in their respective areas and have good subject knowledge, providing overall holistic development to my ward. I appreciate the initiatives taken by the school management, to become the only school in Kanpur to give children the opportunity to get well versed with latest activities like squash, shooting, billiards and many more.
Balance in academics and co-curricular activities, is the main USP of DPS Barra. I am glad that I chose to send my child to Delhi Public School Barra

Mrs. Monica Chhabra M/o Gurkirat Singh

Class: X

Respected Ma’am,
I am happy, I chose to send my ward ‘Filza Arbi’ to the esteemed institution – DPS Barra.I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all the teachers for taking pains and for putting a lot of efforts for the overall development of my child. I would especially like to thank the school management for laying more emphasis on co- curricular activities that has helped talented young minds and give them opportunities to develop their skills.

Mrs. Swaleha Idrisi M/o Filza Arbi

Class: VI

We, the parents of Paawani Sharma are proud to be a part of this esteemed institution – DPS Barra. We express our sincere gratitude towards the teachers for their full support and efforts in developing the confidence and capability in our child. Apart from studies there is adequate focus on extra curricular activities to enable the holistic development of students.

Mrs. Anjali Sharma

Class: X

My daughter Aadya Shrivastava has been studying in DPS BARRA since Class 1. Being an educationist, I was always in favour of activity based teaching and learning process. I found this institution as the perfect place that imparts education in the same manner.Values are inculcated through various ways,more opportunities are there to groom the child’s personality. Dedicated teachers are the assets of DPS Barra. I am quite satisfied with the institution. I wish the institution to progress in the same manner and keep preparing future generations.

Dr.Pragya Shrivastava M/o Aadya Shrivastava

Class: VIII

We were initially a little apprehensive while choosing DPS Barra for the school education of our son when we got him admitted to the school in 2018 as we always believed that school is a building block in a child’s career. Thanks to the efforts of the teachers and their personalized attention on each individual child to groom him specially during the covid period when the classroom education was severely compromised; that all apprehensions have faded away. We extremely appreciate the teachers for their level of engagement not only for the academics but also for the other activities to inculcate in the child team spirit and leadership qualities. We are also very happy with overall learning milieu of the school for our child.
Thank you so much.

Mr. Krishna Nagaich

Identify true potential and assist them to learn & grow beautifully...

The education at DPS Barra allows children to enjoy all aspects of their childhood. The highly trained teachers are extremely caring and I am clearly witnessing a tremendous improvement in my son.
At DPS Barra, teachers identify the potential of children and assist them to learn and grow beautifully.
My son walks into school with pleasure and comes back home with a lot of joy.
Thank you DPS Barra.

Mr. Deepak Chopra F/o Lakshya Chopra

Class: VI

We the parents of Amrit Kaur are extremely happy and satisfied to be a part of DPS Barra. The institution is equipped with world class facilities and cooperative staff. We are highly delighted with our daughter’s progress and would like to thank all the teachers for their continuous hard work contributing in our daughter’s overall growth and success.

Mr. Amarpreet Singh and Ms.Vyapi Waseer P/o Amrit Kaur

Class: V

Delhi Public School Barra is a great school, where students are given excellent academic and extracurricular facilities. All students are treated equally and with respect. There is a flow of positive energy in school. The classes and extra-curricular activities are conducted exceptionally well. The academic approach is well paced so students don’t feel burdened. Our son Manas loves going to school. Last but not the least, a big thank you to the excellent staff of the school.

Mr. Pawan Kukreja and Ms.Kavita Kukreja P/o Amrit Kaur
Class: VII

The real power behind the workforce of a school is its teachers, excellent school infrastructure and easy transportation. These are a few significant reasons why we selected DPS Barra for our daughter. The school excels in sports activities and emphasis on Spoken English which builds and grooms students effectively. DPS Barra has been my first choice and I am proud of my decision.

Mr. Piyush Tripathi and Ms. Akanksha Tripathi P/o Khyati Tripathi

Class: V

We, the parents of Shreya Singh are extremely content with our choice of school in terms of both academics & co-curricular activities. DPS Barra has extremely well trained, helpful & supportive teachers who encourage students and enhance their ability to learn. The school has a low student teacher ratio, giving children more confidence to ask questions, engage in group activities, and opportunities. We are immensely thankful to the institution and express our sincere gratitude!

Mr. Narendra Singh and Amita Singh P/o Shreya Singh

Class: VII