Spanning over 13 glorious years and having achieved many milestones, DPS Barra nurtures students with strength, courage, resilience and confidence to face the world, armed with a sound academic base. It aims to groom students and give them wings to fly so that they dream and work towards achieving limitless possibilities in life.

The seed that was sown in Serrvodaya Nagar in 1997 has now grown into four distinct branches, bearing the fruits of success by providing growth and nourishment to all those who reside in – be it the students, staff or management.

Being spread across the city Kanpur, the four branches continue to enrich the legacy of their esteemed institutions by developing open, honest, friendly and trustworthy relations with students as well as parents. Having an excellent reputation for being consistent yet progressive, it focuses on laying a strong foundation for students with a carefully designed and structured curriculum that ensures students’ constant learning through new experiences in a secure, comfortable and convivial environment.