Information to Students

Students are advised to take up discipline not as an irksome burden but as a joyous pursuit for their own education and betterment. The ultimate object of the school is to inculcate amongst the students the concept of effective ethical discipline. Students must abide by the rules of conduct and discipline of the school & must bear in mind the following:

  1. The students must come to school in prescribed uniform. Neatness in dress, cleanliness and discipline should be encouraged by the parents.
  2. Long nails, nail polish, jewellery and the bringing of expensive articles to school is strictly prohibited.
  3. An application should be addressed to the Principal when a student is not in school uniform.
  4. The students must be regular and punctual in their attendance. Student should obtain prior permission from the principal for attending the classes or coming late to school for specific reasons.
  5. All applications for leave are to be signed by the parents. Application for leave on medical grounds is to be supported by an authentic medical certificate.
  6. The school will not be held responsible for the loss of the belongings of children.
  7. No pupil suffering from any contagious or infectious disease shall be permitted to attend school, till he/she brings a medical certificate of fitness.
  8. Irregular attendance, constant negligence of work, insubordination to teachers, habitual inattentiveness in class, obscenity in word or deed, wilful and repeated breach of the school regulation individually or collectively will lead a pupil to serious punishment or expulsion.
  9. The students should neither damage school property nor make the school premises dirty. Tearing of pages from exercise books or school diary is punishable.
  10. Every student when called upon to attend extra classes or to take part in other activities of the school must compulsorily participate in them.
  11. If a student abstains himself without permission for 10 consecutive working days the name will be struck off the rolls on account of long absence. However the child can be readmitted at the discretion of the school authorities